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Translation Services:
Translation rates are calculated on a per 1,000 word basis. Rates vary depending on the language requested (French, German, Spanish / Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, for instance) and on the specialisation (Technical translations, telecoms translations or chromatography / general translations).

Interpreting, Corporate Business Training, Software Development
Rates vary depending on the language requested and on the specialisation.

In response to our customers' wishes, we now offer 3 translation & localization packages:

Basic Translation package:
  • Translation is done and proofread by a single expert translator.
(Quality Assurance procedures are still followed to ensure quality.)

Quality-reinforced Translation package:
  • Translation and proofreading performed by one expert translator
  • Additional proofreading & editing carried out by a second expert translator
*Benefits: The added certainty of a second independent proofreading.

The Complete Localization Package:
  • Localization by an expert localizer
  • Proofreading and linguistic Testing/QA by a second expert localizer
*Benefits: A complete package which makes the most of your investment into localization.

+44 (0)1582 765518
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